Making Success, Peace of Mind, Joy, and Hope a reality for executives through executive coaching and trusted advisor services.


Do you...
  • want to talk with someone without feeling judged?
  • feel like there is no one to talk to without them telling you what you should do (advice)?
  • have thoughts on how you want to proceed with a project and there is no one you feel safe to bounce off the ideas?
  • want or need an advocate who will have your best interest in mind, be honest in responses, and not have a hidden agenda other than your success?

Top level executives can be challenged by not having someone they can talk to in an open, honest, and caring environment. Many executives need someone who can appreciate what they are going through, provide thought provoking questions, give perspective, share experiences, and yet not actually give advice.

Trusted Advisor services may be what you are looking for to give you peace of mind. Like executive coaching, Trusted Advisor is not therapy yet provides an opportunity to share what is going on with someone who can appreciate the challenges an executive is going through in a safe, secure environment. Through thought provoking questions, the executive is able to think through their challenges without feeling judged or told what they need do, and determine what is best for them.

If the above resonates with you, contact Richard for an opportunity to discuss if this service might be beneficial for you. You can email (, call (214-641-6286), or use our contact form (click here).