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"As a businessman, I have been trained to strategize, plan, and execute. With Richard, I started to change my behavior around others, and that change in behavior has prompted a re-evaluation of my core values. The re-evaluation of my core values didn't change them; instead, it solidified them and expanded my reach as a leader. I learned that by giving up control I gained more control as a leader, and I didn't have to work as hard because every team member contributed their own unique value to the team."


-Wilmar Cubias, Product Manager

Amphenol Fiber Optic Products



"Richard helped me understand my potential by asking questions that investigated my ability to approach others, network, and build awareness for what I do. I found that though I have an important role in the company, my achievements and what I offer are not always visible enough to others. Through Richard’s questions I found that often the fears I had were only illusions and I only had to push past my own thoughts and fears to achieve great success. Through this growth I was able to meet and work with executives in my company that I probably would not have had the courage to approach otherwise."


-Dillon Mahipali, Manager, Business Performance & Applications




"I think that I knew a lot of the things about emotional intelligence that Richard and I talked about, but I had forgotten how to implement them and practice them on a daily basis. Richard helped me to remember some of the fundamental views I have about other human beings and how to influence them. Beyond the changes I've had in my attitude towards my peers and coworkers, my time with Richard and an introduction he made for me, I have come to see myself as being able to be the person I've always planned to be now. I'm no longer waiting."


-Jon Mueller

CEO, MP Flow

Vice President, Capital Alliance



"What started off (because of me) to be disastrous turned into something I didn’t see coming. I’ve been thinking a lot about the things you said this afternoon which has prompted me to slow down and take a deep breath. At the pace I’m going I’m letting life pass me by…. Needless to say it scares me. I know I told you this, so I just have to say it again… you have something special that radiates all around you. You been gifted and more importantly you know exactly how to share this gift. You have inspired me to be a better person by first evaluating some of the bad habits I’ve created. I can’t thank you enough for spending time with me today. I’m looking forward to seeing you next week. What an inspiration you are."


-Kenton Kisler, Founder

Executive Connection



"We have been very pleased with the work Richard has done for our Firm. I would recommend him to any law firm that is looking for help in coaching attorneys to build better relationships (both inside the firm and out)."


-Mike H. Bassett, Founder

The Bassett Firm



"I have had the honor and pleasure to work in various capacities with Richard Best. He always amazes me by his insightful knowledge of business strategies and how to successfully implement them. What makes Richard most unique is his down to earth approach with these very complex issues. And, it's always about his clients. Every time I've been coached by him, I always leave reenergized and with a realistic plan in my hand. The best part - the plans work!"


-Maxine Shapiro, President

Inside the Box



"It has been a pleasure getting to know Richard on a personal and professional level over the past number of years. Under his outwardly quiet demeanor is a passionate problem solver and a great listener with a wonderful servant's heart. I am thankful for Richard and am happy to refer him!"


-Jason Loveless, Managing Director

Ash Brokerage



"Richard is an excellent coach. Before I hired him, I was a bit lost in my career direction and lacked satisfaction in the job I was in. He listened patiently, assessed my strengths and coached me through my job transition. With his guidance, I now have a job that I am enjoying immensely, and I have a clearer vision of my future career direction. His guidance has been, and is invaluable to me. "


-Satish Chandra, Senior Software Engineer



"Richard is an excellent executive coach and facilitator. His experience, approach, balanced perspective and sincere desire to see others succeed is invaluable. His guidance and input consistently achieves positive results."


-Cynthia Toro, Six Sigma trained Management Consultant



"Richard is a first class guy with genuine regard for the clients and people he works with. Do business with him, I would."


-Tad DeWree, Principal