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YPO Related Services

Richard Best completed his Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF) designation in 2014 and is authorized by YPO to provide services to chapters and forums. Below is a list of services Richard provides to YPO and YNG+ members and their forums:

  • Forum Fundamentals-This is the first step in joining a forum in YPO is learning about the DNA of YPO. You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be a successful Forum member.

  • Forum Moderator Leadership Development-This one day workshop is designed to give Forum moderators the tools needed to lead their Forum: leadership skills which are rooted in Forum protocol and practices. For new moderators, as well as a refresher for returning moderators.

  • Four Step Forum ExplorationTM (FSFETM) training-This best practice process  is used while exploring issues during meetings. This process allows everyone in Forum to gain deeper insights through self-curiosity. This is a customized experience based on the needs of the Forum.

  • SuperCharge workshops-This workshop uses the results of the Health Forum Survey to understand the strengths and opportunities for growth for a Forum. Supercharges are recommended to be performed at least every other year and may be conducted during the annual retreat. Click here for more information.

  • Retreats-This is a great opportunity for the Forum to build a more intimate bond that will allow members to reach higher levels during regular meetings. Generally held in other geographic locations, retreats can include deeper explorations into issues, learning new skills or knowledge, and indulging in unique experiences only offered in specific locations.

  • YNG+-For YNG+ members, Richard has committed to providing the above services to this group in an affordable fashion. Feel free to reach out for any assistance or questions.

Depending on availability, Richard will travel outside of the United States to provide any of the above services (please keep in mind the time requirements for obtaining a visa). He regularly travels to Ontario, Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving in October and willing to extend his travel for a retreat or workshop if requested.

For more information on Richard's YPO profile, please check out the CFF profiles on the YPO Exchange. For any questions about availability or specifics about workshops/retreats, please contact Richard by email: