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Richard Best provides Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF) services for YPO. Forum SuperCharges can only be performed by a YPO CFF. Below is information that will help you understand what a SuperCharge is, and how it is done.

Forum SuperCharge is for Forums that have been together for at least six months.

The SuperCharge program is tailored (customized) to the needs of the Forum by a Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF), who develops the program in partnership with Forum members once they have completed the Forum Health Survey (FHS). The program will address process and protocol issues being experienced by the Forum as reflected in the FHS results. It is recommended that each Forum participate in a Forum SuperCharge every two years.

There are eight modules that may be addressed depending on the results from the FHS:

  • Welcome
  • Confidentiality
  • Forum Protocol
  • Forum Norms and Commitment
  • Handling Challenging Situations
  • Deepening the Connection
  • Meeting Structure
  • Closure

Generally, there will be four to five modules that may be addressed during the SuperCharge. Modules are selected for the workshop based on lower ratings and comments from the FHS. Depending on the number of modules that need addressing, the timeframe for the workshop may be shorter or longer than the usual 8 hours of instruction, not including lunch and breaks.

In conjunction with the FHS, the CFF will do a 15-minute interview (2-3 hours total time) with each Forum Mate before finalizing the agenda and process for the workshop. In some cases, the CFF may do the interview via a written survey, or both survey and interview.

Additionally, the CFF will work with the Forum Moderator prior to the SuperCharge to coordinate and confirm the FHS administration, agenda, Forum Mate interviews, and contracting. After the SuperCharge, the CFF will visit with the Moderator to review the outcomes of the workshop and to answer any questions that may have come about from the SuperCharge.

It is beneficial for all concerned if the CFF has at least a month’s notice to prepare for the SuperCharge.

For more information or to schedule a SuperCharge for your Forum, please email Richard at

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